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Getting your Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology may be a great educational and career choice. An industrial-organizational psychologist helps companies with research design, assessment exercises, interviews and survey work for organizations. These specialist psychologists work in small teams to improve testing programs, HR policies, and other HR issues so that companies can work at […]

A doctoral degree in psychology prepares the student to perform scientific research, professional psychological practice, or a combination. Most students receive either a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Each degree provides students with skills and knowledge in psychology. But there are major differences between the degrees. There also […]

For most young people, the focus of the Internet is socializing. Most of these interactions online are positive, but more children and teenagers use technology to intimidate, harass and demean others. This is known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a special type of bullying that occurs over digital devices and online with cell phones, computers and […]

Beyond helping others better understand their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, a career in psychology can be quite rewarding. The field of psychology offers a wide range of potential career paths across industries. Depending on your level of education or level of specialization, individuals in the field can command an array of salaries. Listed below are […]

Professional areas in the field of psychology have diversified widely with the continued innovation of psychologists in using established knowledge from research to adapt to the changing needs of individuals, organizations and the community as a whole. In pursuing this career path, you would be interested in the opportunities that come with it and more […]

As an industrial-organizational psychologist, your role will be to improve productivity in workers, increase employee satisfaction and make sure organizations can become more successful. The majority of doctorate programs in this discipline are highly research orientated, and they also include statistical analysis and psychological testing. Most courses will also include aspects such as multicultural psychology, […]

Only very few schools offer online doctoral degree programs in School Psychology. However, Ph.D. programs in Educational Psychology are slightly more common. One of the reasons for this is that school psychologists generally only require a master’s degree level to be accepted as a professional. Those who do complete a doctorate degree level will usually […]

A lot of people wonder why others feel a need to conform. They want to know why there are mobs, and why these sometimes spiral out of control. They also want to find out why there continues to be such strong religious discrimination around the world, or why non-profit organizations continue to struggle to increase […]

Forensic psychology is a sub-discipline of general psychology. It focuses specifically on addressing legal issues. Someone who has graduated as a forensic psychologist will work with people who are in one way or another involved in the legal system. These include judges and attorneys, but also defendants, plaintiffs, victims and perpetrators in civil and criminal […]

If you have a professional and academic background in psychology, then you may want to consider advancing your career and education by completing a doctorate degree, which can either be a Ph.D. (research) or a Psy.D. (clinical practice). More and more students are interested in completing these types of degrees online, as it allows them […]

Earning your doctoral degree in clinical psychology is an attractive option if you want to work in a financially and spiritually rewarding career. Being a clinical psychologist today means you will have the opportunity to help a diverse group of patients to deal with their mental and emotional issues. Your patients will be of all […]

A Doctorate of Psychology is a graduate degree based on the practitioner-scholar model. The practitioner-scholar model is focused training graduate students with clinical practice in mind. By using research and clinical hours, the Doctorate of Psychology program aims to prepare to students for primarily clinical work. Students who complete this program are not unable to […]

A professional who wants to earn their Psy.D. degree in clinical psychology should ensure that the program is certified by a major accrediting body in the United States. This will help to ensure that your doctoral degree adheres to the highest possible standards of quality in the United States.It also will ensure that potential employers […]

Getting a good education for little to no cost is easier than ever these days. There are now dozens of free online sources of education, and some of them are sponsored by big name schools, such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and MIT. If you want to sharpen your mind and expand your education […]

Earning your Psy.D. degree is a good choice in terms of job demand and potential salary, but which Psy.D. programs are the best choices? After extensive research, we have determined that the following 10 Psy.D. programs are highly worth your consideration: #1 Rutgers This Doctor of Psychology program aims to provide a stellar education to […]

Obtaining a Psy.D. doctoral degree can be a wise decision if your career goal is to work as a licensed clinical or counseling psychologist. If your primary interest is working with people who need mental health counseling, you could find that a Psy.D. is a better choice than a Ph.D., which is better suited for […]

For those interested in the PsyD degree, there are many career paths that can lead to highly lucrative income. As in any industry, a lot of times the pay level a person gets is highly dependent on the geographic area that person will be working in. For those in markets such as New York City, […]

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of psychology is expected to see increases in job availability across the spectrum of psychology-related jobs. This optimistic outlook is partly due to the ever expanding use of psychologists and similar professionals to assess and interpret behaviors and systems in order to bring about improvements […]

Earning your doctorate in psychology is a path to an exciting, diverse and financially rewarding career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the growth of psychologist jobs will increase by 22% by 2020, which means your skills will be in high demand for years to come. Income in this field also is solid: […]

The study of psychology is very broad and covers many different fields and many different situations. For all of the varieties, there are just as many good reasons to want to obtain an undergraduate psychology degree. For those that already have an undergraduate or master level degree in psychology, the reasons for going after a […]

The training for clinical psychologists has traditionally been focused on training the doctoral student first in science and then in practice. However, because we are seeing such an increased need for clinical psychologists – as much as a 22% increase in employment by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – many graduate students […]

There are many career paths that you can follow when you earn your doctorate in psychology. The job growth potential and salaries of these positions will vary a great deal. Also note that what your income will be in some of the jobs listed below will depend upon where you are in the US, whether […]

If you are thinking about pursuing your doctorate in psychology, you know that it can take you several years and cost you a good deal of money. While it is worth it for most professionals, the costs can definitely pile up quickly between tuition costs, travel, completion of your dissertation and living expenses. Most Ph.D.’s […]

When the decision is made to go forward for an advanced college degree, there are a lot of things that can be done to increase the chances that a particular application will stand out with the admissions department. Research colleges and programs thoroughly In determining the schools that are the best match for your interests […]

Earning a doctoral degree in psychology is needed for you to get many higher level jobs in the field. This includes becoming a practicing clinical psychologist or a counseling psychologist. A doctorate is usually needed as well in school psychology and health psychology. Of course, earning your doctorate is going to take a good amount […]