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What We Offer

PsyDPrograms.org launched in June 2010 as a free, complete social community resource for all clinical psychology students and professionals who are thinking about earning their Psy.D. or Ph.D. degree.

The idea driving the website is to provide you with as much information as possible about the clinical psychology doctorate degree, as well as all of the clinical psychology career options, salary information, fellowships and grants, and all kinds of articles related to this growing career field.

As someone who is considering earning this prestigious doctoral degree in clinical psychology or other area, you know that earning your doctorate in psychology is a good way to provide you with the best opportunities for career growth.

Obtaining your doctorate in psychology is an intelligent decision: Earning the highest degree in psychology will open the door to endless career opportunities in this growing field. For example, with a Psy.D. degree you can become a:

  • Clinical psychologist, who assesses, diagnoses and treats people who suffer from many types of emotional problems and illnesses. The most well-paid professionals in this field earn up to $100,000, and those individuals have their doctorate in psychology.

  • Counseling psychologist, who does many of the same tasks as clinical psychologists, but they often help their patients to overcome problems in their lives, rather than actual mental illness. The best-paid professionals in this field also have their doctoral degree. The average salary is $72,000.

  • Forensic psychologist, who deals with psychological matters related to the law. You might create psychological profiles of criminals, deal with child custody matters and provide expert testimony in court. The average salary is $60,000.

About Our Author

Ann Steele, Ph.D., is Editor-In-Chief of PsydPrograms.org. Ann has training as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who has worked with adults, couples, adolescents, and preteens throughout San Diego county.

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Did You Know?

– The employment of psychologists is poised to increase by 6% by 2031?

As you consider the possibility of earning your PsyD degree, you really need to gather as much information as you can from this PsyD website about your career options and possible school choices. If you do that, you will have the information that you need to make the best choice about your future – education and career wise.

The staff of this Website has provided you with a huge array of information about the PsyD degree. For example, we have provided you deep content sections about:

  • Online PsyD Programs

  • PsyD Careers

  • Fellowships and Grants

  • PsyD Articles

We also provide you with details about the best-paying careers with your PsyD degree:

  • Private Practice Psychologist

  • Engineering Psychologist

  • Industrial Psychologist

  • Administrative Hospital Psychologist

  • Neuropsychologist

All of the career profiles we provide on this site gives you the salary and general career potential. We also provide you with extensive information about the differences between a PsyD degree and a Ph.D. in psychology. And remember, when it comes to paying for your degree, we also have provided you with plenty of information about scholarships, grants and fellowships that are available.

We hope that you find all of the information needed on this site so that you can make an informed choice about a PsyD degree.  If you have any feedback or questions about the PsyD information on this website, please contact us.

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