Louisiana Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programs

his guide to Louisiana universities will show you which ones offer a PsyD degree. That will provide you with the needed information for you to earn your PsyD degree so you can move toward practicing psychology in this state. There are requirements beyond education that you need to complete in order to practice psychology legally. Here are the main things you need to know.

Quick Facts:

  • Tulane University has the highest graduation rate, at 83 percent.
  • There are 13 schools in Louisiana that offer master’s degrees or higher in psychology.
  • Xavier University of New Orleans and Loyola University of New Orleans ranked in the Princeton Review for 2018, for great schools for psychology majors.
  • You can earn a stand-alone masters in psychology or combine it with a doctoral program.
  • Applying for a provisional license first is a requirement for practicing psychology in Louisiana.

Top PsyD Degree Programs in Louisiana

Here is a list of schools to consider, as they all have programs available for a PsyD in Psychology:

#1 Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond LA)

The Master of Arts in Psychology offered through this university is a two-year course requiring 38 credits. Twenty-six of these credits are in social psychology, experimental design, cognition, and related subjects. There are 12 credits of electives and a thesis required, as well. After five courses are completed a comprehensive exam must be taken, and students who fail it twice are dropped from the program. There are 10 assistantships offered, all of which provide a stipend and help defray educational costs.

#2 The University of Louisiana (Monroe LA)

A Master of Science in Psychology is offered at this university, and there are three concentrations that can be chosen from. For those who want to move on to doctoral study, the general psychology track is the one that is the best choice. It offers intensive research and two years of courses. All three of the concentrations are two-year, 36-credit programs. Students who aren’t interested in the general psychology option may want to focus on psychometrics or forensic psychology.

#3 Tulane University

The university proclaims its Bachelor of Science in Psychology as a top program. The array of offered courses is vast, so there are many options for students to learn a lot of good information that will provide them a solid foundation for moving on toward a master’s degree. The senior year also requires a capstone project, and students are encouraged to pursue an assistantship so they can gain valuable experience.

How to Become a Practicing Clinical Psychologist in Louisiana

You’ll need a license to practice psychology in Louisiana, but before you can get that license you’ll be required to have the right level and type of education. There are many schools that offer certificates in the mental health field, or that provide associate’s degrees. Those can help you decide if you like that type of work, but to really get started toward your career you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a field that’s closely related to it.

While you’re working on your bachelor’s degree, you’ll also want to see if there are chances for you to get experience in your chosen field. You can do that through your university and the research work that they offer. Undergraduates can often gain good work experience that can be very valuable to them since they can work with a professor as a research assistant in the psychology department.

After your bachelor’s degree has been earned, it’s time to focus on getting your master’s in psychology. The programs that are listed here, along with others like them at other universities, give you a lot of opportunities to do that. Then after you get your master’s degree, you’ll be ready to move into a PsyD degree program. Including the internship that comes along with that level of education, you can expect it to take you four or five years to graduate.

Getting your license in Louisiana is the focus after you graduate with your PsyD degree, but there are some requirements you’ll need to meet. Here’s what to consider, so you can be as prepared as possible.

  1. Submit a provisional licensure application to the Board. At the same time, you’ll need to pay a $200 fee and have your transcripts sent from your university. You need to declare a specialty, and some of them have additional requirements for documentation. Postdoctoral supervision is very important, and the Board needs to be aware of how yours will be structured and handled.
  2. After your application is approved, it’s time for you to have a criminal background check. There’s a package to complete, and another fee to pay.
  3. Passing the jurisprudence exam is the next step, as it proves you understand the legal and ethical implications of the work you’re about to start doing.
  4. Gain 4,000 hours (two years) of SPE, which stands for supervised professional experience, in the specific area on which you’re focusing. If you had a predoctoral internship that meets all the requirements, you can count up to 2,000 hours of the 4,000 required from that internship.
  5. Pass the actual professional exam for your official license, then submit the license application, and then pass the oral exam from the Board. When you’ve completed all those requirements, you’ll be officially licensed to practice psychology in Louisiana without supervision. There will be continuing education requirements you’ll need to meet, and you’ll want to be sure to renew your license at the proper intervals.

Louisiana Clinical Psychologist Salary and Job Outlook

It’s important to be aware that the average pay for psychologists in Louisiana is around $74,000. That’s very comparable to other states. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will also be an 11.5 percent growth rate in Louisiana for the psychology profession over the next decade, which is worth considering as it shows that psychologists and their services will generally remain in demand.