Rhode Island Psychology Doctorate Programs

With rates of mental illness and other emotional and behavioral problems on the rise across the U.S., the need for professionals who can help provide treatment and solutions for people to better their mental well-being has perhaps never been greater.

For many Rhode Island residents who hope to number among the helpers, that means getting a license to work professionally as a psychologist. Let’s explore that lengthy process in Rhode Island, including the degree options available for students in the state. That could mean a Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology) or Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), and each type of program is a bit different.

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List of PsyD Programs in Rhode Island

While the state of Rhode Island will accept applicants who earn Psy.D. degrees from schools that both have and haven’t been accredited by the American Psychological Association, there are no programs of either variety operating in the state currently. However, students could consider pursuing online education, but they should keep in mind that any program they attend must include an internship to be accepted by state regulators.

Let’s take a look at some of the online Psy.D. programs that could fit the bill for Rhode Island students.

California Southern

CalSouthern’s online Psy.D. was formulated with California’s state requirements for licensure in mind, but the 100% online delivery method allows students across the country to benefit since the program was tailored specifically to meet state requirements. Rhode Island students will need to ensure an internship can be added to their degree track.

  • Institution type: Private, for-profit
  • Campus: Online, headquartered in California
  • Total expected tuition: $35,970
  • Degrees offered: PsyD
  • Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Visit school: Click here

Ashford University

A new online Psy.D. program from Ashford University includes seven possible specialties, criminology, educational leadership, health, industrial-organizational, mediation and sports. Psy.D. students can complete most of their coursework online, but three in-person weekend workshops are required, and Rhode Island students will need to be sure their course of study can include an internship.

  • Institution type: Private, for-profit
  • Campus: Online, headquartered in California
  • Total expected tuition: $76,404
  • Degrees offered: PsyD
  • Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Visit school: Click here
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Other Psychology Doctorates in Rhode Island

One APA-accredited doctoral degree in psychology is offered within the state of Rhode Island.

University of Rhode Island

URI’s Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology first earned APA accreditation in 1972. Today’s students can opt for a focus area in several specialties, including health, multicultural, neuropsychology, child/family and research methodology. A total of 45 scholars have earned their degrees since 2009, and they’ve become professionally licensed at an 89% rate.

  • Institution type: Public
  • Campus: Kingston
  • Annual tuition: Most students receive full tuition remission
  • Degrees offered: PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Accreditation: APA
  • Visit school: Click here

How to Become a Practicing Psychologist in Rhode Island

The process for being able to work professionally as a psychologist in Rhode Island includes completing advanced educational training, undergoing detailed professional experience and passing multiple examinations. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved.

  1. Get your bachelor’s degree in an applicable field, ideally psychology. Rhode Island does not explicitly require licensure applicants to major in psychology at the undergraduate level, but such a degree is enormously helpful to a person’s admissions application at the doctoral level. Those without bachelor’s degrees in psychology may have to complete master’s degrees in the subject or take remedial courses before they can begin a doctoral program
  2. Earn a doctoral degree. The Rhode Island state board accepts Psy.D. or Ph.D. degrees that are accredited by the APA, as well as those that aren’t, but students without APA-accredited degrees will need to submit additional documentation to the board before they can proceed with other licensure requirements. Additionally, all doctoral programs must include at least 1,500 hours of supervised internship experience.
  3. Fulfill other state requirements. In addition to completing a doctoral degree, psychologist license applicants must verify that they’ve had at least 1,500 hours of postdoctoral supervised professional experience. Additionally, a score of at least 500 on the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology is required, as well as satisfactory completion of the state jurisprudence exam.
  4. Remain licensed, and keep up with requirements. Licenses expire every two years, and psychologists must complete 24 hours of continuing education during that time.
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Rhode Island Clinical Psychologist Salary and Job Outlook

Clinical, counseling and school psychologists in the state of Rhode Island can expect to earn considerably higher wages than their fellow residents, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the average worker in the state makes about $57,000, clinical psychologists earn an average of more than $84,000, and they can make nearly $120,000 on the high side of the scale.

Modest job growth for clinical psychologists should be on the horizon in Rhode Island. These roles are expected to grow by about 4.3%, which is roughly equal to the overall growth rate for all American jobs in that time.