Idaho Psychology Doctorate Programs

The need for compassionate, qualified individuals to make a difference in the mental health of others was a primary factor that led to the creation of the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree in the late 1960s.

Today that degree is one of the most popular educational tools for gaining the training and experience necessary to become licensed to practice psychology in every state, including Idaho.

Students in our state have a few options for degree programs that will set them up well for careers as licensed psychologists. Let’s take a look at the degrees offered here and the state’s requirements for licensure.

List of PsyD Degree Programs in Idaho

There are no Psy.D. degrees offered in the state of Idaho currently, but students can choose to pursue Psy.D. degrees at fully or partially online schools, though they should keep in mind that the state does require licensure applicants to complete supervised internship hours as part of their doctoral program.

Ashford University

Ashford’s new online Psy.D. program offers seven possible specialties, criminology, educational leadership, health, industrial-organizational, mediation and sports. Psy.D. students can complete most of their coursework online, but three in-person weekend workshops are required.

  • Institution type: Private, for-profit
  • Campus: Online, headquartered in California
  • Total expected tuition: $76,404
  • Degrees offered: PsyD
  • Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Visit school: Click here

California Southern

CalSouthern’s online Psy.D. was formulated with California’s state requirements for licensure in mind, and the online aspect allows students across the country to benefit. An internship is optional with this program, though Idaho students who choose this particular program will want to be sure they take that option.

  • Institution type: Private, for-profit
  • Campus: Online, headquartered in California
  • Total expected tuition: $35,970
  • Degrees offered: PsyD
  • Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Visit school: Click here

Other Psychology Doctorates in Idaho

A Psy.D. degree is not the only psychology doctorate that can fulfill the licensure requirements set forth by the state. One APA-accredited Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology is available here in Idaho.

Idaho State University

ISU’s Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology earned APA accreditation in 2001. Students complete clinical experience alongside their academic coursework, which helps prepare them well for licensure. So much so that every individual who has completed the program in the past 10 years has become professionally licensed.

  • Institution type: Public
  • Campus: Pocatello
  • Annual tuition: All students are offered full tuition remission and annual stipends
  • Degrees offered: PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Accreditation: APA
  • Visit school: Click here

How to Become a Practicing Psychologist in Idaho

Professional practice as a psychologist in Idaho means meeting several educational requirements, passing multiple examinations and maintaining legally licensed status in the state. Let’s take a look at the steps an individual must take to work as a psychologist in the state of Idaho.

  1. Complete an undergraduate degree in psychology or a closely related field like biology or social work. A bachelor’s in psychology isn’t explicitly required by state regulators, but majoring in psychology in college signals that you’ve achieved a minimum level of competence required to earn an advanced degree in the field, and such a degree will be required by the state. Additionally, many doctoral programs in psychology will not admit applicants who don’t have a bachelor’s degree in the subject.
  2. Earn a doctoral degree. The state of Idaho accepts major types of psychology doctorates, including Psy.D. and Ph.D. degrees, and students who attend APA-accredited institutions will have fewer documentation hurdles to clear in the application process. Those who attended schools that the organization has not accredited must verify a battery of criteria, according to the state’s licensure rules. Doctoral programs must also include a supervised internship or practicum of at least 1,000 hours.
  3. Meet other state requirements. After finishing their doctoral programs, licensure applicants in Idaho must complete a second supervised internship. They will then be able to take the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology and must score at least 500.
  4. Fulfill renewal requirements. Psychologists licensed in Idaho must be renewed annually, and professionals must complete 20 hours of continuing education each year.

Idaho Clinical Psychologist Salary and Job Outlook

Idaho’s average annual wage for all jobs is about $45,000, but clinical, counseling and school psychologists are usually better paid, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, the average salary for these professionals in Idaho is about $61,000.

Psychologist jobs in Idaho are projected to expand by 14.3% over the next decade, nearly triple the 5% job growth rate expected for the entire U.S.