Ohio Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programs

Acquiring a PsyD degree in Ohio is a long and rigorous process that requires devotion to the work and commitment to the time constraints. Listed below, you will have access to all of the information that you need in order to earn your PsyD degree as well as become a licensed practitioner in the state of Ohio.

Quick Facts

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the metropolitan area of Northeastern Ohio is one of the most highly employed regions in the country for clinical psychologists.
  • Annual tuition for in-state students at Bowling Green State University is $10,796.
  • Cleveland State touts several national publications originating from their Department of Psychology.
  • Kent State University sports one of the most active and largest research labs in the entire state of Ohio.
  • Kent State University costs just over $10,000 in annual tuition for in-state students.

Top PsyD Programs In Ohio

The following list of schools have programs available for a PsyD in Psychology:

#1 Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)

Bowling Green is one of Ohio’s premier public university as well as one of the most populated schools in the state. Students pursuing their PsyD will be able to work their way through their Master’s degree right alongside their professors. While on campus, students will be focused on learning how to conduct official academic research, how to teach undergraduate students and how to diagnose and treat common psychological disorders. Accredited by the American Psychological Association, Bowling Green State University can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the field of psychology.

#2 Kent State University (Kent, OH)

Kent State is one of the larger universities in Ohio. With a student body that is heavily involved in research and activism, it can be a great place for bright students to attend. At Kent State, psychology students can pursue either clinical psychology or school psychology. Either way, the focus at this school is research and that’s where most students will spend their time. There are several subsets of clinical psychology offered by Kent State that is aimed at specific demographics depending on which focus the student would like to pursue. The psychology department also hosts several professional speakers and job fairs every single year.

#3 Cleveland State University (Cleveland, OH)

Cleveland State sports several nationally published documents in the field of psychology. Their Department of Psychology can offer a concentrated and effective counseling program that gives students everything they need in order to become licensed clinical psychologists. Students have access to opportunities from the city of Cleveland itself thanks to their centralized urban location. Cleveland State offers an additional department that is dedicated entirely to aging. Additionally, all students will be required to take classes in ethics as well as perform a doctoral thesis that is approved by the primary faculty.

How To Become A Practicing Psychologist In Ohio

Becoming a licensed and certified practicing psychologist in the state of Ohio requires an extended effort to accomplish several different requirements. You will have to obviously accomplish extensive schooling en route to your mandated degree while also keeping your eye on several other aspects that are key to getting approval via the Ohio Board of Psychology. Let’s briefly discuss the different steps that are required in order to become licensed and certified for practice in the state of Ohio.

In order to satisfy Ohio’s extensive requirements, you will first start by pursuing nearly a decade of education en route to your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. Both degrees will require roughly four years of full-time attendance totaling close to 120 credits. While you are pursuing your education it is advised that you start paying attention to your pre-doctoral level internship requirements. These requirements mandate between 1,500 and 2,000 hours of quality internship work which will last at least nine to eleven months.

After your education is in hand, you must move toward something known as supervised professional experience (SPE). The state of Ohio requires two years, or 3,600 total hours, of experience under supervision at an approved facility that meets APA/CPA standards. After this portion of your education pursuit, you can attempt to gain your license.

  1. Acquiring your license will require that you take a complete criminal background check performed by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification. Additionally, your background will be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You will also be required to take a fingerprint clearance test.
  2. After your background tests are taken care of you will move forward with several different examinations that are mandated by the Ohio Board of Psychology. Among those examinations are:
    1. Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)
    2. A Passing score on the Praxis-II School Psychologist Exam
    3. Oral Examination Performed By The School Psychology Examination Committee
  3. After you have completed your coursework, internships, background tests and examinations you can submit your application to the Board. Your application can be made online and it will require a $300 payment.  You will also have to provide all of the important documentation that we have highlighted above.

Ohio Clinical Psychologist Salary and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, practicing clinical psychologists in the state of Ohio will earn an average annual salary of #72,000.  Additionally, the BLS predicts that job growth for the industry in the state of Ohio is sitting at 14.2% over the next ten years, making it a stable career path to begin pursuing. The top 10% of clinical psychologists in the state are earning more than $102,000 annually.