Alabama Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programs

This guide will lead you through the process of acquiring your PsyD in the state of Alabama. We will walk you through the essential information that you will need in order to acquire your license to practice professionally as a clinical psychologist. We will also showcase to you some of the top PsyD programs in the entire state. Let’s begin.

Quick Facts:

  • Tuition for an in-state student at Auburn University is $10,424 per year.
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham is recognized by Carnegie for their achievements in research and community engagement.
  • The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa costs $10,170 per year in tuition for in-state students.
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham is considered one of the top public schools in the nation.
  • The University of Auburn sports a 73.7% graduation rate for first-time, full-time students.

Top PsyD Programs In Alabama

The following list of schools have programs available for a PsyD in Psychology:

#1 Auburn University (Auburn, AL)

Auburn University was founded in 1856 and has since gone on to become one of the largest schools in the southern half of the United States. Auburn ranks in the top 100 colleges in the country and they are considered an elite public school option by the US News & World Report. Auburn follows the scientist-practitioner model and their program aims to supply students with a grounded understanding of scientific psychology. Students will follow a program that requires comprehensive examinations, both oral and written, as well as a dissertation paper and an internship. Typically, students will fulfill this degree program anywhere from five to seven years.

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#2 University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Located in the heart of Tuscaloosa, this school has frequently been ranked as one of the top public universities in the nation. This is a booming public institution with more than 33,600 students on campus. The PsyD program at Tuscaloosa is geared toward helping students to learn what they need in order to function as high-level teachers, clinicians, and researchers. There is a full-service psychology clinic on campus that provides students with hands-on experience with a supervised experienced practitioner on hand. This university meets and exceeds all standards set forth by the American Psychological Association Commission on Accreditation.

#3 University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, AL)

This vast institution covers 88 city blocks in the heart of Birmingham, AL. Ranked as one of the 150 best colleges in the country, Birmingham has plenty to offer PsyD students. UAB is recognized by Carnegie for their activity in the field of research and community engagement. UAB’s PsyD department is routinely considered one of the top departments in the entire nation in relation to NIH and NSF research. Most students can acquire their APA approved degree in five to six years of full-time study. Students will also complete a year of internship at a local clinic.

How To Become A Practicing Psychologist In Alabama

Becoming a licensed psychologist in the state of Alabama requires extensive accomplishments at the educational level. In order to become licensed in the state of Alabama, you must first earn your bachelor’s degree and your master’s degree. Your bachelor’s degree will quire you to earn 120 total semester credits which will typically span a full four years of education. Following your bachelor’s degree, you’ll move on toward your master’s degree. Your master’s degree can be completed as part of your doctoral program or as a standalone degree requiring up to 45 credit hours.

After earning your Master’s, you must move on to acquire either a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). Whichever degree you choose, you must be sure that it meets the standards set out by the American Psychological Association. After acquiring your doctoral degree, you will be ready to move on toward applying for licensure.

Applying for your license is actually a relatively straightforward process:

  1. You must first request an application from the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology.
  2. After filling out your application, you will have to procure all of the required documents as laid out by the Board. You will need to supply the Board with your area of specialization as well as all of your training.
  3. In your application, you must also include a passport photo, graduate transcripts, and two fingerprint cards for the corresponding background check. Your entire application will cost upwards of $437.
  4. After successfully applying with the Board, you will be moved on toward the corresponding examinations. The exams that you will have to pass are as follows:
    1. Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (500 score or higher)
    2. Alabama’s Professional Standards Exam (80% score or higher)
  5. Once your test scores have been submitted at a passing level, you’ll have to wait for your license to process before it is supplied to you. Reviews are conducted every two months by the Board.

Alabama Clinical Psychologist Salary and Job Outlook

Practicing clinical psychologists in Alabama are currently earning an average pay of $68,190 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10% of earners in Alabama are earning north of $92,000 per year. Alabama is one of the lesser employed states in the field of psychology with only 600 practicing clinical psychologists in the field, according to data compiled by the BLS in 2017 – ’18. Forecasted job growth in Alabama for the field of clinical psychology is predicted at 13% over the next ten years.