Georgia Clinical Psychologist Salary Outlook

Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults has a diagnosable mental illness, from depression to schizophrenia. But sadly, less than 15% of adults are receiving any services related to mental health, which means that millions of Americans are needlessly suffering when they could be getting help to lead better lives. Georgia’s rate of adults who receive care for mental health issues is just over 13%, one of the lowest rates in the country.

Whether they specialize in helping adults, children or families or have experience in tackling addiction, PTSD or any of a range of other issues, licensed clinical psychologists can help people struggling with mental, emotional or behavioral health conditions.

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How attractive is the state of Georgia for these professionals? How much can they expect to earn here in our state, which cities are the best-paying, and what kinds of employers are looking for clinical psychologists in our state?

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How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make in Georgia?

On the national level, clinical psychologists enjoy a median wage of nearly $77,000 per year. Georgia’s median wage for clinical psychologists is lower than that, but it’s the fifth-highest wage for this job in the South.

Median annual clinical psychologist wage, Southern states

District of Columbia$84,780
North Carolina$62,470
South Carolina$61,030
West Virginia$50,890

Looking at the Georgia economy as a whole, clinical psychologists earn higher wages than people in many other jobs, including some of the most common in Georgia, and they make about double the overall state median for all occupations.

Median annual Georgia wage, select occupations

All Occupations$35,950
Advertising Sales Agents$49,290
Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists$71,200
Health Educators$85,100
Order Clerks$31,570
Personal Care Aides$21,310
Physics Teachers, Postsecondary$75,940
Radiation Therapists$80,830
Security Guards$26,300
Tire Builders$37,770
Web Developers$78,070
Writers and Authors$56,420

While clinical psychologist wages today in Georgia may not be among the overall national leaders, this occupation is expected to see rapid growth in our state over the next decade. Even in the short-term, Georgia’s growth rate for clinical psychology (+3.9%) is among the 10 highest in the nation.

States by projected long-term growth rate for clinical psychologist job openings, top 10


Note: Short-term 2018-2020; long-term 2016-2026

Which Georgia Cities Are Best for Clinical Psychologists?

Wages for clinical psychologists in Georgia vary pretty widely across the state, from a high in the Augusta area to a low in Athens.

Georgia cities and metro areas by median annual clinical psychologist wage

Augusta-Richmond County$80,510
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell$72,430
Athens-Clarke County$48,490

Among Georgia cities, there’s also a great deal of variation on how available clinical psychology jobs are.

Georgia cities and metro areas by clinical psychologist employment per 1,000 jobs

Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell0.547
Augusta-Richmond County0.479

Who’s Hiring for Clinical Psychologists in Georgia?

Dozens of clinical psychology jobs are open here in Georgia, and there’s a wide variety in the types of employers, including public and private sector work. Additionally, clinical psychologists who have specialty areas should find ample opportunities in Georgia.

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Here are several real-life examples of Georgia employers who were seeking to hire clinical psychologists in the summer of 2019:

  • Zoe Pediatrics
  • Psych Consultants
  • First Step Kidz Therapy
  • Emory University
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • National Security Agency
  • Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center
  • Northstar Psychological Services
  • The Center for Victims of Torture
  • Sweetwater Psychological Associates
  • WellStar Medical Group
  • State of Georgia
  • Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Spelman College
  • Mercer University
  • HumanEdge
  • Avita Community Partners
  • Southside Medical Center


Georgia has one of the lowest mental health services utilization rates in the country, so there’s no doubt the state needs lots of qualified clinical psychologists to make Georgia their home. With salaries that are high among all occupations in the state and some of the highest projected growth rates in the nation, Georgia looks to remain an attractive state for licensed clinical psychologists.

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