Idaho Clinical Psychologist Salary Outlook

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Idaho has the second-highest rate of mental illness of any state in the U.S., with nearly 1 in 4 adults having a diagnosable condition. This includes common issues like anxiety and less-common ones like bipolar disorder. About 24.4% of Idaho adults have a mental illness, combined with 19% of all Americans.

But while the state’s mental health picture isn’t ideal, there is some good news. While adults in the state have a higher-than-average rate of mental illness, they also are more likely to receive professional help for their problems. In fact, nearly 20% of Idaho adults received mental health services in the most recent year for which federal health data is available, compared to just 14.9% nationally.

A constellation of trained professionals is required to support a robust mental health services infrastructure, and key among those professionals are clinical psychologists. Let’s explore what such professionals can expect to earn in Idaho, and how the state compares to its counterparts across the U.S.

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  • How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make in Idaho?
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  • Which Idaho Cities Are Best for Clinical Psychologists?

How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make in Idaho?

Idaho’s average salary for clinical psychologists, $60,880, is the second-lowest among all states for which data is available. Nationally, these professionals earn an average salary of about $81,000, putting Idaho about 35% below the national average and at the bottom of states in its region.

Average annual clinical psychologist wage, Western states

New Mexico$73,550

Clinical psychologist wages in Idaho may lag behind the nation and neighboring states, but within Idaho, clinical psychologist salaries are relatively high. The average annual wage for all workers in the state is just under $45,000, and clinical psychologists make more than 35% higher wages than that.

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Average annual Idaho wage, select occupations

All Occupations$44,890
Advertising Sales Agents$50,930
Animal Trainers$24,000
Budget Analysts$68,870
Clinical, Counseling and School Psychologists$60,880
Computer Programmers$72,210
Dental Assistants$34,580
Graphic Designers$45,380
Highway Maintenance Workers$42,770
Interior Designers$53,910
Landscape Architects$64,330
Light Truck Drivers$36,400
Property Appraisers and Assessors$55,930

Idaho’s average wage for clinical psychologists is one of the lowest in the country, but jobs for these professionals are expected to become considerably more common in the state over the next decade. In fact, Idaho should enjoy double-digit growth in job openings through 2028.

States by projected long-term growth rate for clinical psychologist job openings, top 20

New York25.6%
South Dakota20.0%
North Carolina16.6%
New Hampshire15.5%

Note: Short-term 2019-2021; long-term 2018-2028

Which Idaho Cities Are Best for Clinical Psychologists?

Average wages fluctuate considerably depending on the area of the state in question. They’re highest in the non-metro area of Southeast-Central Idaho and lowest, perhaps surprisingly, in Boise, the largest city in the state.

Idaho cities and non-metro areas by average annual clinical psychologist wage

Southeast-Central Idaho nonmetropolitan area$86,500
Idaho Falls$64,000

Similarly, clinical psychologist employment is more common in some areas of the state than others.

Idaho cities and non-metro areas by average clinical psychologist employment per 1,000 jobs

Southeast-Central Idaho nonmetropolitan area0.668
Northwestern Idaho nonmetropolitan area0.48

Who’s Hiring for Clinical Psychologists in Idaho?

A rewarding job in clinical psychology doesn’t look like just one thing, and it’s not available from just one single type of employer. Jobs include patient-facing or managerial, and they can be found across a diverse array of industries and organization types. Plus, for clinical psychologists who want to focus on a specific population group, chances are there’s a perfect job out there doing just that.

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This is a growing field, and new jobs come online every day, but here’s a look at some of the Idaho organizations that were seeking to hire clinical psychologists in the summer of 2020:

  • Idaho State University
  • State of Idaho
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • AmeriBen
  • Pearl Health Clinic
  • Senior Counseling Group
  • Center for Change
  • Northwest Neurobehavioral Health
  • Olympus Health
  • Totius Therapies
  • Essential HealthCare Solutions
  • Twin Falls County
  • Centerpoint Counseling Services
  • AmeriHealth
  • Monarch Behavioral Health
  • Pathways of Idaho
  • Luke’s Health System
  • HighRoad Human Service
  • Idaho Falls School District
  • Boise School District
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With one of the highest rates of adults with mental illness, the lagging salaries that clinical psychologists can expect in Idaho may be well worth the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of people struggling with mental health, substance abuse and other behavioral disorders.

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