Long Island University Psy.D. Psychology Review

Long Island University Post’s Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree program helps prepare students for practice as clinical psychologists, and LIU Post is one of the most sought-after institutions offering this particular degree in the New York area.

Prospective students should learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of the program before deciding if it’s right for them.

About the Program

Before we delve into what makes this program good (or not-so-good), let’s take a look at the vital statistics surrounding LIU Post and the Psy.D. degree offered here.


  • Institution type: Private, not-for-profit
  • Main campus: Brookville, New York
  • Accreditation: APA
  • First year of program: 1994

Tuition and fees

  • Full-time, in-state tuition: $49,990
  • Full-time, out-of-state tuition: $49,990
  • Per credit-hour tuition for part-time students: $1,597
  • Institution fees: $1,840

Student outcomes

  • Median years to completion: 5 (2006-2017)
  • Percentage completing in <5 years: 0% (2016-17)
  • Percentage completing in 7+ years: 0% (2016-17)
  • Degrees conferred, 2006-2017: 185
  • Percentage of students obtaining internships: 89% (2016-17)
  • Percentage of graduates earning professional licensure: 84% (2005-2015)

Degrees & requirements

  • Psy.D. degrees offered: Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Non-Psy.D. degrees offered: NA; LIU Brooklyn campus offers APA-accredited Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Number of credit hours required: 115


  • Application method: Online through APA portal
  • Application fee: $50
  • Admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree, GPA of at least 3.0; recent GRE result; resume; personal statement
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Biggest Pros

What aspects of the LIU Post Psy.D. program are the most attractive for prospective students and applicants?

Population group or therapeutic method concentration

In addition to a top-notch curriculum in core psychology courses, students can use electives to specialize in one of four concentration areas — serious mental illness, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), interventions with high-risk families and assessment and treatment of substance use disorders. Additionally, training is provided in the two major therapeutic modes in wide use today — cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic, which means graduates are well-versed in both, which makes them better job candidates.

Psychological Services Center (PSC)

The Psychological Services Center (PSC) is a nonprofit mental health facility staffed and operated by the clinical psychology program at LIU Post. Students in the Psy.D. program begin logging real-world clinical hours at the PSC in their second year at LIU Post.

Robust financial aid options

A range of financial aid options are available, including research assistantships that will allow students to contribute to active labs in psychology, as well as fellowships and other awards that can help offset the cost of earning the Psy.D. at LIU Post.

Biggest Cons

What aspects are the least appealing for potential Psy.D. applicants at LIU Post?

Lack of flexibility

With a program designed to last five years and encompassing a detailed sequence of coursework and clinical experience, LIU Post’s Psy.D. doesn’t allow students to take courses online or as their own schedules allow. That means few students who need to continue working during their Psy.D. program will be able to consider LIU Post.


Remember the robust financial aid options we mentioned? Those are helping to offset quite an expensive program, which costs nearly $50,000 per year for the first three years and a variable amount after that. All told, it’s not unreasonable to expect a Psy.D. from LIU Post to run into the $175,000-and-up range.

The Bottom Line

Every person’s needs and educational journey are different, so how can you determine if the LIU Post Psy.D. is the ideal program for you? Use this chart to help guide you.

Is the LIU Psy.D. Program Right For Me?
I need to take my classes onlinex
I’m interested in clinical psychologyx
I want to focus on a particular population groupx
I’m interested in applied psychologyx
I’m interested in school psychologyx
I’m interested in industrial-organizational psychologyx
I have a very limited budget for a Psy.D. programx
A well-established program is important to mex
I want to work in a real-world mental health clinicx
I want to contribute to cutting-edge research projectsx
I don’t want to take the GREx
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One of the biggest reasons students tend to cite in pursuing a Psy.D. instead of another type of doctoral degree, like a Ph.D., is that they want to receive the kind of training that will help them work directly with people in crisis or who need to address mental health or behavioral problems. Starting with their second year, Psy.D. students at LIU Post do just that in the school’s nonprofit community health clinic, and for those who can afford the high cost of the degree, the experience is invaluable.

This Psy.D program made our Editors’ Choice Best Accredited Psy.D. Programs for 2020.

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