New Jersey Clinical Psychologist Salary Outlook

According to the most recent federal mental health data, nearly 1 in 5 American adults has a diagnosable mental illness, including depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, PTSD and more. But only 14% of adults have received services for mental health in the past year, meaning millions of people are needlessly suffering from mental or behavioral disorders when they could be getting help to lead better lives.

That’s often where a licensed clinical psychologist comes in. These mental health professionals are trained and licensed to help individuals understand and deal with their behavioral, emotional and mental health.

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New Jersey is in a better situation than most states with regard to mental health. In fact, New Jersey’s mental illness prevalence of 16.2% is the lowest in the nation. That may have something to do with the fact that New Jersey offers among the most lucrative wages for licensed clinical psychologists.

What can these professionals expect to earn in our state, how do we stack up with the rest of our region and the U.S., and what are some examples of actual openings for clinical psychologists in New Jersey?

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How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, the median annual wage for clinical psychologists is more than 10% higher than the overall U.S. median of nearly $77,000, and New Jersey ranks No. 6 among all the states.

Median annual clinical psychologist wage

Top 10
New York$88,710
Rhode Island$86,370
New Jersey$85,160
District of Columbia$84,780
Bottom 10
South Carolina$61,030
West Virginia$50,890

In addition to boasting clinical psychologist salaries among the top 10 of all states, such jobs tend to be more lucrative than other occupations in New Jersey, and the pay is nearly double that of the overall median for all jobs in the state.

Median annual New Jersey wage, select occupations

All Occupations$43,600
Adult Basic and Secondary Education and Literacy Teachers and Instructors$63,200
Animal Breeders$37,980
Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists$85,160
Coaches and Scouts$45,550
Electrical Engineers$108,470
Exercise Physiologists$49,860
Food Service Managers$79,320
Genetic Counselors$83,410
Highway Maintenance Workers$44,270
Interpreters and Translators$64,600
Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Postsecondary$92,380
Order Clerks$35,410
Pest Control Workers$37,860
Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers$85,330

In terms of job growth, New Jersey is expected to see a relatively modest increase of nearly 8% in clinical psychologist job openings through 2026. Still, that equates to thousands of jobs.

Northeastern states by projected long- and short-term growth rate for clinical psychologist job openings

New York15.6%3.4%
New Hampshire12.2%2.0%
New Jersey7.6%1.5%
Rhode Island4.3%1.3%

Note: Short-term 2018-2020; long-term 2016-2026

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Which New Jersey Cities Are Best for Clinical Psychologists?

Clinical psychologist wages in New Jersey are highest in the New York City metro area, but they vary dramatically by city.

New Jersey cities and metro areas by median annual clinical psychologist wage

New York-Newark-Jersey City$92,380
Atlantic City$73,530

Among the 300-plus largest cities and metro areas in the U.S. with the highest wages for clinical psychologists, each of the top 10 and most of the top 20 are in the state of California. Excluding those, though, median wages in the New York City metro area are seventh-highest.

U.S. cities and metro areas by clinical psychologist median wage, top 20, excl. California

Baton Rouge, LA$107,370
Bend-Redmond, OR$106,260
Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, IA-IL$97,820
Chambersburg-Waynesboro, PA$95,280
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT$94,000
Des Moines-West Des Moines, IA$93,360
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA$92,380
Grand Junction, CO$91,020
Reno, NV$90,900
Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI$88,920
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO$88,590
Kingston, NY$87,900
Jackson, MI$87,530
Salisbury, MD-DE$87,480
Leominster-Gardner, MA$87,170
Fort Collins, CO$87,110
Providence-Warwick, RI-MA$86,770
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT$86,650
Utica-Rome, NY$86,090
Springfield, MA-CT$86,080

Who’s Hiring for Clinical Psychologists in New Jersey?

Licensed clinical psychologists in New Jersey will enjoy a wide range of career options when it comes to employers. Jobs are plentiful in both the public and private sector, and they include many types of settings, from healthcare to the military.

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Here are several examples of actual employers who were seeking to hire clinical psychologists in New Jersey in summer 2019:

  • MedOptions
  • Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey
  • Van Reipen Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Behavior Therapy Associates
  • Rutgers University
  • Evolve Psychological Services
  • Positive Developments
  • Monmouth University
  • S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • RWJ Barnabas Health
  • Peter’s Healthcare System
  • AtlantiCare
  • Little Hands Family Services
  • Middlesex County College
  • The Kraft Group
  • Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Eva’s Village
  • Montgomery Township School District
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For individuals with the training and passion for helping others cope with their mental illnesses and behavioral disorders, the desire to make a difference in the lives of others is the primary drive, but adequate financial compensation certainly doesn’t hurt. With its place among the states with the highest median wages for clinical psychologists, New Jersey looks to continue being attractive for such professionals to set up shop.

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