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As a terminal degree in psychology, the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) is a doctoral degree that can provide a crucial stepping stone for a long and happy career in the analysis of human behavior. Though a Psy.D is a bit newer than the more traditional, academic-minded Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD), it’s quickly become […]

In our society, many people look up to professional and amateur athletes alike. They are admired for their outstanding physical abilities and are amazed at how they can get the most out of the human body. Many also revere professionals who have excellent psychomotor skills and are able to perform well under great pressure, such […]

To understand psychometric psychology, it is important to understand what psychometrics is. Psychometrics is a field that is concerned with theories and techniques of psychological measurement, which includes measuring abilities, knowledge, attitudes and personality traits. Psychometrics is mostly concerned with studying the difference between people. ( Psychometrics involves two research areas: construction of instruments and […]

Professionals trained in applied psychology have the knowledge and skills to apply psychological principles to solve common problems of people, including health, product design, workplace, law, and much more. For example, an applied psychology study from 2017 determined that good leaders should be smart, but not brilliant. Above-average intelligence was shown to lead to strong […]

Understanding why people act in specific ways has always been a significant focus for psychologists. They often attempt to look into the mind and brain and uncover what is there and why. This is what behavioral psychology is all about – how human behaviors and actions relate to the mind. Behavioral psychology looks at behavior […]

Did you ever wonder why you remember specific details with little effort, while other important information cannot be easily recalled? This is one example of the kind of questions that a cognitive psychologist will attempt to answer. The cognitive psychology studies the internal mental processes of our brains, with the idea to gain critical insights […]

Most psychological counseling tends to focus on an individual’s mental health and relationship problems. Marriage family therapy (MFT), on the other hand, is more concerned with counseling the couple or family as a unit and getting others involved in the matter. This form of group therapy may lead to better solutions in the long term […]

At its core, social work is the helping profession. The major mission of social work is to enhance the well-being of all people, as well as meet the basic and complex needs of everyone in society. Social work is a bit different than the related professions of psychology and mental health counseling because the focus […]

What are some of the factors that shape our attitudes? Why are some people better leaders than others? How do people become prejudiced, and how can it be overcome. These are some of the big questions that are asked in social psychology. Social psychologists contend with major issues that can have an impact on people’s […]

If you desire a career where you can help people to deal with their mental health and personal problems, you may want to be a mental health counselor. As Americans are living longer and healthier lives, many want to address their mental health concerns so they can live a happy life, as well. As more […]

If you are interested in understanding how people learn, student outcomes, and the instructional process, you may want to become an educational psychologist. This branch of psychology deals with not just early childhood learning processes but also the emotional, social, and cognitive processes involved in learning throughout our lives. Educational psychologists help to improve learning […]

Many people are interested in school psychology because they want to help students of all ages to do better in school and to deal with their personal and behavioral problems. Today there is a better understanding of the link between learning and mental health, so students interested in psychology often want to make a difference […]

Many students who want to become psychologists do so because they want to help their patients overcome mental health challenges so their lives can improve. But did you know there is a specialty of psychology applies psychological theories and therapy to companies and other organizations? This is industrial-organizational psychology and is often referred to as […]

People who want to be psychologists want to help patients deal with their mental health and personal issues so they can lead happier and healthier lives. As we have a better understanding of psychology in the last decade, there is increased awareness of the link between mental and physical health. That is why health psychology […]

Many people have an interest in becoming a psychologist, but the interest in forensic psychology in the past decade has risen rapidly. This increase in interest is mainly due to crime TV programs such as Criminal Minds where criminal profilers seem to have a virtually psychic ability to provide detailed behavioral and personality profiles of […]

Most people who want to become psychologists do so because they want to help people overcome their mental health and relationship challenges so they can have more productive lives. As our understanding of psychology has improved, there is a better grasp of the connection between mental and physical health. That is why clinical health psychology […]

Last updated on January 6th, 2020 by Maria H.  Today, over 30 million Americans suffer from the disease, 71,000 thousand limbs are amputated each year due to its complications, and it costs over $300 BN each year. And it’s about to get worse. In every part of the United States, it’s expected to get costlier and […]

Many people wonder what a school counselor does each day. School counselors no longer only provide guidance to young people preparing for college or assist with schedule changes. The modern school counselor is a critical member of the broader education team, helping students in all aspects of academic achievement, social and emotional development, and ensuring […]

An online master’s degree in psychology is a two or three-year degree that is the minimal requirement to work as a licensed psychologist in the United States. Earning a master’s degree in psychology can open up a new world of job possibilities, and with the advent of online master’s programs, earning your graduate degree has […]

Students earning a graduate or post-graduate degree in psychology can enhance their educational and professional prospects by becoming involved in psychology associations. There are many of these organizations based in the US and around the world that are beneficial to master’s and doctoral students as they earn their degrees. Below are five of the best […]

Earning your Psy.D. degree is a good choice in terms of job demand and potential salary, but which Psy.D. programs are the best choices? After extensive research, we have determined that the following 10 Psy.D. programs are highly worth your consideration: Jump to 5+ Online PsyD Programs Jump to 2020 Best APA Accredited Campus #1 Rutgers […]

Our mission at is to foster a social community for clinical psychologists around the world in which to educate, inform and share. As part of that mission, we set out to find the best Psy.D. programs in the United States and share that information with you, our community. To do this, we surveyed dozens […]

Counselors work with patients and clients to do everything from overcome addiction to deal with the strain of a chronic illness to find a better-fitting job. Counselors come to their occupations via a variety of educational paths and degrees, and they can focus on one or more of any number of potential counseling specialties. Regardless […]

Children are our future. It’s a phrase we hear often enough, but how often do we stop to think about it? Well, if you’re a child psychologist, then the answer is probably pretty often. The proper mental, emotional and social development of children is just as important as their physiological development, and if it goes […]

Psychology is a deep and varied field, with almost as many approaches as there are people who practice it. While there are numerous disciplines within the larger field, clinical psychology arches over many of them, if not most. This discipline is concerned with the treatment of people who need help, which is what draws so […]