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Updated on November 8th, 2019 Today, over 30 million Americans suffer from the disease, 71,000 thousand limbs are amputated each year due to its complications, and it costs over $300 BN each year. And it’s about to get worse. In every part of the United States, it’s expected to get costlier and more pervasive. Given […]

Many people wonder what a school counselor does each day. School counselors no longer only provide guidance to young people preparing for college or assist with schedule changes. The modern school counselor is a critical member of the broader education team, helping students in all aspects of academic achievement, social and emotional development, and ensuring […]

An online master’s degree in psychology is a two or three-year degree that is the minimal requirement to work as a licensed psychologist in the United States. Earning a master’s degree in psychology can open up a new world of job possibilities, and with the advent of online master’s programs, earning your graduate degree has […]

Students earning a graduate or post-graduate degree in psychology can enhance their educational and professional prospects by becoming involved in psychology associations. There are many of these organizations based in the US and around the world that are beneficial to master’s and doctoral students as they earn their degrees. Below are five of the best […]

Earning your Psy.D. degree is a good choice in terms of job demand and potential salary, but which Psy.D. programs are the best choices? After extensive research, we have determined that the following 10 Psy.D. programs are highly worth your consideration: #1 Rutgers University This Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology program aims to provide a stellar […]

Our mission at Psy is to foster a social community for clinical psychologists around the world in which to educate, inform and share. As part of that mission, we set out to find the best Psy.D. programs in the United States and share that information with you, our community. To do this, we surveyed […]

Counselors work with patients and clients to do everything from overcome addiction to deal with the strain of a chronic illness to find a better-fitting job. Counselors come to their occupations via a variety of educational paths and degrees, and they can focus on one or more of any number of potential counseling specialties. Regardless […]

Children are our future. It’s a phrase we hear often enough, but how often do we stop to think about it? Well, if you’re a child psychologist, then the answer is probably pretty often. The proper mental, emotional and social development of children is just as important as their physiological development, and if it goes […]

Psychology is a deep and varied field, with almost as many approaches as there are people who practice it. While there are numerous disciplines within the larger field, clinical psychology arches over many of them, if not most. This discipline is concerned with the treatment of people who need help, which is what draws so […]

Forensics is a field that interests many. Beyond the application of the subject to hit shows like NCIS or The X-Files, though, it holds a very important role within the justice system. Clinical forensic psychology applies to many arms of the system, including correctional facilities and the courtroom. Those who choose to work in the field must use […]

School serves many purposes: learning skills and subjects, making friends and forming a social network, learning what one wants to do with one’s life. But one thing you can count on, from the youngest preschool to the most advanced Ph.D. program, is that humans are growing, changing and developing at all points in life. This […]

Experts and laypeople alike decry the failure of the institution of marriage today. They also claim that family values are breaking down, that more children are more distant from their parents than ever, that the family is breaking up earlier and we are doing a disservice to our children. Whatever you believe, statistics do point […]

It’s no secret that mental health appears to be declining in America. As Bloomberg reports, “While material well-being has improved, America’s emotional distress has climbed to crisis levels.” We have more suicides, the drug epidemic is soaring, our jails are full, and many people are experiencing levels of isolation, loneliness and despair that challenge the assertion […]

Are you thinking about a doctoral degree in psychology? Then you probably know there are two degrees to consider: the Ph.D. in Psychology and a Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology). From exciting careers in psychological research and academia to clinical practice and patient care, earning a Ph.D. in Psychology or a Psy.D. will help you to […]

Within the growing and exciting field of psychology, many educational paths and career options are possible, from academia to private practice to nonprofit work and even working with the military. Even for people who want to focus on working directly with individuals, there are several educational paths possible. Two such possible paths are similar to […]

For professionals trained and educated in helping others get a handle on their personal, behavioral, family or marital problems, the next decade looks to be a bright one indeed from a career perspective. That’s because for both clinical social workers and marriage and family therapists, job openings are projected to grow rapidly and typical wages […]

Most people when asked to picture a psychologist probably conjure the image of a person sitting in a chair, taking notes and asking questions like “How does that make you feel” while their client lies on a couch describing their issues in life. To be sure, that’s one possible scenario for professional psychologists, but it’s […]

For many professionals, reaching the pinnacle of education in psychology means earning a PhD in Psychology. This doctoral-level degree signifies that a person has completed a rigorous course of study in various aspects of human psychology and is qualified to work in many high-level roles within psychology, whether in academia or clinical settings. A PhD […]

The field of psychology has long been divided into two camps: clinical psychology and counseling psychology. While the fields are very similar, this historic distinction can create confusion and indecision for individuals who wish to pursue careers in psychology. Getting into the wrong branch of psychology could derail a promising career. For those considering careers […]

A career in clinical psychology is likely to be lucrative and successful, as openings in the field are expected to grow at twice the national average through 2026 (14 percent vs. 7 percent) and the median annual salary for a psychologist is more than $77,000. With such a bright future, it’s no wonder many people […]

Do you want to spend your life helping others? Are you fascinated by the inner workings of the human brain? Would you like to learn more about how it processes emotion, trauma, social experiences and more? If so, you’re probably a good candidate for a doctorate of clinical psychology. This terminal degree represents the pinnacle […]

Through the work of billions of cells housed within our brains, humans are the most advanced form of life in the known universe. Highly intelligent animals like dolphins, elephants, whales may have bigger brains than people, but the evolution of the human mind is far greater. Only now is science beginning to understand the complexities […]

Hazing. Name-calling. Tormenting. Rumor-spreading. Harassment. Although bullying is identified by many names and comes in many forms, its intent and effects are all the same – to hurt, harm, and cause pain to the intended target. Just a couple of short decades ago, almost all bullying occurred face to face – in classrooms or schoolyards […]

This year alone, nearly 2 million Americans will be newly diagnosed with cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, and more than 600,000 will die from cancer. While survival rates for many types of cancer have gone up and new treatments have been developed to increase the odds that patients will beat the disease, cancer […]

The MSW or Master of Social Work is typically considered a terminal degree in social work, but there are two major choices for social workers who want to obtain a doctoral degree: Doctor of Social Work (DSW) or  Psy.D., which is a doctoral degree in psychology. Both degrees provide you with the skills to help […]